Kim Kardashian Opera Ball Date Says He Was Relieved

5 Mar 2014

Modernday Cinderella Kim Kardashian rushed out of Wien’s historical Opera Ball prior to midnight on Thursday, after seeing a prankster in black-face. But unlike the fairy-tale, her day did not just run after her. has discovered that Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner professed to being “alleviated” when the truth star left the celebration, eventually putting a conclusion with their sharp few days collectively — for which he’d paid $500,000.

“She Is currently during intercourse,” Lugner whined when approached by reporters close to the end-of the ball. “I am alleviated. She Is a b*tch.”

Shortly after her arrival in Austria, he declared, “Kim is irritating me. Because she is maybe not sticking to the plan. She Is filming and therefore she does not need to have me around.”

The 8 1-year old angrily insisted, “The invitee should be with me and maybe not everywhere else that’s not concurred upwards.”

Kardashian supposedly stood him up to get a planned date only hours after her coming to dine in a Schnitzel eatery together with her mom, Kris Jenner. She also left a prepared autograph signing at among Lugner’s malls early, he promised, and broke a day with him to have their pictures shot jointly before the ball because she desired to feed daughter Northwest.

Everything came to your head in the ball when Kardashian was approached by nearby reporter Chris Stephan, who’d dressed as her fiance Kanye West- whole with blackface.

Stephan afterwards maintained he’d been set up to it by Lugner.




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